Our company started to grow revenue and reduce overhead expenses when we started doing business with Newsom Logistics Solution. We are now care free on some of the critical task on our company. We are not big, but they are helping us get there


As a small business owner, we have a world of load on our shoulders and when we out source our core services to a Logistics service provider such as Newsom Logistics, you will always have a doubt who is taking care of your valuable inventory. But sure enough I guess...


When many other Logistics and Warehousing companies gave up on us, here comes Newsom Logistics and they immediately pinpointed to us what needed to be done and were are onboard with them right away. They saved the day and we are ever grateful to them


At first, I was bit skeptical when I found NewSom Logistics and the service they provide. When I met with them to discuss my business plans, they awe me and impressed me with a quality of care and service. They were more worried about my company than I did. Since then...