Our shipping method of 3PL industry utilizes major players in the industry that has already worked on a deal with the major carriers. We ship fulfilled orders, domestic orders and international commodities. Our service also includes packing and packaging.

7 Reasons to Choose NewSom Logistics Solution

Logistics is a field that not many companies specialize in, but if used our services, businesses make a considerable growth while delegating logistics operations to us. If you don’t use good logistics services, it could hamper the ability of your firm’s ability for selling products or providing services.

Here are seven reasons why outsourcing your company’s logistics services is the best bet:

1. Cost Efficiency — It’s not good to hold your business responsible with the cost as well as hassle of fixing your logistical needs. There are many professional 3PL service providers that can cater to your diverse needs providing you warehouse space, state-of-the-art equipment and transportation as well.

2. Responsibility — Do you think putting an aspect of your company into others’ hands is an easier affair? Certainly not! A reliable 3PL service provider will take accountability for your business.

3. Unbeatable Resources — A top-notch third party logistics provider will have a great network of resources. When you consider using the resource network of a good 3PL provider, it indicates that all steps in the supply chain will be performed with effectiveness.

4. Reduced Risk — When you begin relying on the expertise of a reputable 3PL provider, it does not let you make mistakes that can cost an arm and a leg. It rather allows you to focus on building up a global logistical network with almost no risk involved. It even assures you of a great return on investment. What more could you possibly ask for?

5. Adjustable — Leading third party logistics service providers not only own the space for warehouse but transportation as well. Moreover, they have the ability to increase your needs (pertaining to logistics) as your business starts to grow.

Does your company offer a seasonal product? Are your sales periodic? Whatever the reason, a reliable 3PL provider will make necessary adjustments to your needs appropriately.

6. Technology — A 3PL provider makes significant investment in the technology as well as software that may not be accessible by a small business.

7. Industry Expertise — A professional third party logistics provider keeps abreast of industry best practices. In fact, they’re up to date with every latest development in third party logistics which includes technology as well as manufacturing.

As a business owner, you may know the economic value of getting the supply chain management of your company outsourced to a reputable third party logistics provider or 3PL in short. There are several companies that are relying on the effectiveness of third party logistics providers.