Whatever/Wherever you sell your merchandise

We Integrate with the Industry leaders of eCommerce Technology solutions to help you grow your business smart, fast, efficient and growth minded forward thinking. We can store your goods with our facility and ship them on your behalf. Our system are integrated with major eCommerce platforms. We can have you connected and start selling your merchandise immediately at ease. Here are some of the many platforms we can link your business.

Sell on Multiple eCommerce Platforms

Newsom Logistics Integration Enables You to Take Your Business Online

Using 24Seven Commerce technologies, expand beyond the boundaries of your physical stores. By integrating your brick and mortar store to online platforms such as your eCommerce website, Amazon, eBay, etc., you’re able to sell your in-store products while making sure quantity and prices stay in synch. 24Seven middleware called Octopus allows you to manage inventory and ecommerce platforms.